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About Us

Members of the Conservation without Conflict coalition are dedicated to collaborative and voluntary conservation of natural resources.  The members share a passion for conserving fish, wildlife, and plants while also keeping working lands productive. Our coalition unites private and public entities, communicates regularly to enhance and refine our conservation skills, and actively works on advancing the Coalition’s unique approach as well increasing societal awareness of Conservation without Conflict. The Coalition is guided by these Operating Principles.

Our conservation approach relies on collaboration and incentives that recognize the important fish and wildlife conservation benefits provided by landowners. We believe that the essential principle of mutual gain among partners is more effective in providing conservation at meaningful scales and will be more sustainable than relying solely on often contentious regulatory approaches.

As a coalition, we focus on sharing successes and best practices, seeking new approaches and incentives, and communicating about our accomplishments. To conserve at-risk species and recover endangered and threatened species, we promote and encourage the use of existing conservation tools, as well as development of new ones. Our outreach and communication efforts are of paramount importance to our approach and our success.

We rely on sound science and proactive, collaborative conservation to recover federally listed species and conserve at-risk species of fish, wildlife, and plants, to avoid or eliminate the need for the Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections. Even with these proactive approaches, some species may require ESA protection. When ESA listings occur, we creatively apply the ESA’s flexibility to use existing and develop new collaborative incentives to provide regulatory predictability and assurances for private landowners, corporations, and other conservation efforts.

As a coalition, we work collaboratively to keep forests, farms, ranches, and defense installations working for people, wildlife, and our nation. We believe that Conservation without Conflict is the key to effective and durable natural resource conservation in America. We will continue to explore collaborative conservation successes, identify key ingredients, and provide a conservation framework to promote collaboration as an effective way that government, landowners, industry, and society pursue common goals.